Level Sensing & Control

Neptech, Inc. offers many types of level sensing and control solutions and technologies for all processes. We specialize in providing advanced and reliable level sensing and control solutions for a wide range of industries and applications.

Our products are designed to accurately measure and monitor liquid or solid levels, ensuring precise control and efficient management of your processes.

From a simple float type sensor and control valve to a more elaborate bypass level system, we can offer what is best needed for the application.

Neptech, Inc. can engineer a complete system for the most difficult processes at competitive prices, all within stringent time lines.

Level Transmitters:

  • Bypass Type
  • Capacitance Type
  • Displacer Type
  • Float Type
  • Submersible Type
  • Magnetic Type
  • Ultrasonic
  • Radar
  • Wireless Communication

Level Switches:

  • Pendulum Type
  • Float Type
  • Magnetic Type
  • Static Type
  • Conductive Type
  • Ultrasonic Type
  • Vibrating Type
  • Optical Type
  • Bypass Type

Level Indicators:

  • Bypass Type

Packaged System:

  • Custom Request Form With Drawing or Sketch