Hot Pockets / Heated Wraps

Neptech Inc. main objective are to offer our customers the best quality products available in the marketplace. Using our Hot Pockets and Heated Wraps helps eliminate heat sink issues (cold spots) within your heat controlled environment. These Hot Pockets can be designed to fit any cold spot area you may have that a full heated blanket just can not achieve due to size restrictions. To reach those objectives, we have outfitted our manufacturing facility with custom designed sewing stations.

With our unique sewing capabilities, we are able to produce custom made products for any type of job or application. Because our sewing is done in-house and not outsourced to another company, we are able to control quality and reduce downtime experienced in new designed products. We excel in creating solution for you!

  • Two-Year Limited Warranty
  • High Temperature
  • Eliminates Cold Spots
  • Continuous, Even Heat
  • Compatible With Different Materials
  • Flexible Allows for Complete Wrap
  • Variety of Sewing Material
    • Codura
    • Kevlar
    • Fiberglass Cloths
    • Nextel
    • Amosil Silicon
    • Thermiculite
    • Hotwire
    • Much, much more…

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