Heated Hoses

with Cam Lok Port Connections

Are you tired of dealing with materials transferred by hoses in cold months? That‘s why we‘ve created the Flexotherm Industrial Heated Hose with Cam Lok. This is the top of the line hose for any industrial application, providing maximum heat retention, even in temperatures as low as40°F.

The Flexotherm Industrial Heated Hose with Cam Lok is the ideal choice for businesses that need to move largescale liquid products and combustibles at peak operational efficiency. Our highly advanced construction compliments the flexibility of a variety of hose core types that is secured with a onepiece adjustable, tamperresistant, lockedon camlock system.  The Flexotherm Industrial Heated Hose with Cam Lok eliminates lengthy warmup times, and reduces downtime. Plus, for added peace of mind, it has an extended 2year warranty!

Whether you need heated hoses for loading industrial tanks, fuel systems, chemical operations, oil refinery processes, or any other application, the Flexotherm Industrial Heated Hose with Cam Lok is your ideal choice.

  • Low, Medium and High Pressure
  • Variety of Cores, Sizes & Temperatures
  • Lengths Up to 100Ft

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    With Sanitary Port Connections

    Do you need a reliable solution for transferring fluids in your sanitary application? Look no further than the Flexotherm Industrial Sanitary Heated Hose.

    Our Flexotherm Sanitary Heated Hose is designed specifically for use in sanitary applications, delivering unparalleled reliability and performance. Industrial Heated Hose Benefits: Built with durable insulated and jacketed construction Prevents frozen or clogged lines in low temperature environments Keeps liquids at the desired temperature Safe and reliable operation for easy maintenance Available in a range of sizes and lengths to meet your needs.

    Our Flexotherm Sanitary Heated Hose is the perfect solution for transferring fluids in extremely cold temperatures. The flexible design and insulated construction ensures that your liquids stay at the desired temperature during transportation and storage.

    With its durable construction, the Flexotherm Sanitary Heated Hose can handle corrosive and abrasive fluids safely and without damage.

    Take Advantage of the Flexotherm Sanitary Heated Hose Today! The ideal choice for all your sanitary application needs. With reliable and safe performance, its the perfect solution for keeping your fluid lines operational. Choose a trusted industry leader, and contact our specialist today!

    • FDA Grade Material
    • Variety of Sizes & Pressure
    • Wash Down Capable
    • Custom Designed to your Application

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      With FJIC Port Connections

      Take your viscous transfer processes to a whole new level and make industrial processes easier and more efficient with Flexotherm Heated Hoses with female JIC Swivel end connections. Our revolutionary heated hoses are engineered to transfer a wide range of viscous fluids safely and reliably in challenging environments.  

      Our Flexotherm Heated Hoses offer the ultimate in industrial hose solutions, providing superior flexibility, durability, and superior heat retention. Suitable for a wide range of viscous liquids with high flow rates, our hoses make transferring viscous fluids a breeze. These robust hoses are designed with resistance to kinks, pressure surges, and wear and tear.

      They come in a variety of sizes and are designed to provide you with consistent, controlled heat during the transfer of liquids and gases. Using custom-engineered internal proprietary heating elements designed at our facility ensures maximum heat retention so that your process runs continuously with no downtime. With excellent temperature control, our heated hoses can handle temperatures up to 500°F with maximum efficiency.

      Flexotherm Heated Hoses are specifically designed to stand up in the harshest of environments. Our heated hoses are made from a variety of materials with an option of unwearable stainless-steel braid that makes this hose ideal for high-pressure and high-viscosity applications. The construction also helps to reduce risk of kinking and cracking ensuring your performance and efficiency aren’t compromised.

      • Self Regulating or Controlled
      • Large Diameter Available
      • Water Resistant Jacket
      • Multiples Sizes & Lengths

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