Industrial Heated Blankets / Drum / Totes

Flexotherm™ brand of heated vinyl blankets are water resistant and constructed of rugged, 18oz vinyl. Protected by GFCI and utilizing HeatGrid™ heating technology, heated vinyl blankets from Flexotherm™ are a positive temperature heating device as opposed to traditional heating technology. HeatGrid™ temperature increases over the first twenty minutes of operation while the electrical current decreases.

Flexotherm™ is experiencing increased demand for these products due to their efficiency, flexibility, and superior performance. The primary heated vinyl blanket types to choose from: 5 Gallon Flexible Pail / Bucket, 55 Gallon Flexible Drum / Barrel, 330 Gallon and 275 Gallon Tote Wraps and 330 Gallon DEF Tote Heated System.

Flexotherm™ also manufactures an innovative ground thaw, warming and curing blankets for any industry and also manufactures custom sizes and temperature specified blankets based on your needs. Call us today.

Industrial Heated Blankets

Large Insulated Heated Blanket

Heated Drum Wraps

Heated 55 gallon drum wrap

Heated Tote Wrap

Heated Tote Cover