Spray Foam

Spray Foam Heated Hoses and Heated Blankets: Keeping Your Operations Warm and Efficient

Spray foam insulation and coating applications often demand precise temperature control to achieve the best results. In such scenarios, Flexotherm heated hoses and Flexotherm heated blankets and wraps are indispensable tools. These innovative heating solutions play a crucial role in maintaining the ideal temperature for your materials, ensuring consistent performance, reducing waste, and saving time.

Flexotherm Heated Hoses for Spray Foam Applications

Efficient Material Flow

Flexotherm Heated hoses are designed to keep your spray foam materials at a consistent temperature from the drum to the application nozzle. Maintaining the ideal temperature ensures that your materials flow smoothly and evenly, preventing clogs or irregular application. This efficiency not only saves time but also minimizes material wastage, reducing overall project costs.

Precise Temperature Control

Modern heated hoses are equipped with advanced temperature control systems, allowing you to set and maintain the exact temperature needed for your specific materials. Whether you’re working with polyurethane foam, polyurea coatings, or other spray materials, Flexotherm heated hoses ensure that your materials are always at the optimal temperature for application.

Durability and Safety

Quality heated hoses are built to withstand the rigors of industrial applications. They are designed with durable materials that resist wear and tear, even in demanding conditions. Safety features like overheat protection and insulation further ensure that your operations run smoothly without risks.


Flexotherm heated hoses come in various lengths and diameters to suit different applications. Whether you need a short hose for small-scale projects or a long one for extensive insulation jobs, you can find the right size to match your needs.

Flexotherm Heated Blankets for Spray Foam Drums and Containers

Maintaining Material Temperature

In spray foam applications, the temperature of the material in the drum or container is just as critical as the temperature in the hose. Flexotherm heated blankets provide an effective solution for maintaining consistent material temperature, especially in colder environments. Utilizing patented HeatGrid Nano-carbon Far Infrared heating method in all of our heated blankets provides you with the security and knowledge that you are ensuring the best yield from your product storage containers.

Easy Installation

Heated blankets are designed for easy installation. They wrap snugly around the drum or container, ensuring uniform heating without direct contact with the material. This eliminates the risk of scorching or damaging the contents.

Energy Efficiency

Flexotherm heated blankets are energy-efficient, using minimal electricity to maintain the desired temperature. This not only reduces operational costs but also aligns with sustainability goals. The HeatGrid Nano-carbon Far Infrared heater is a heating coefficient.  As your temperature rises, the amperage usage lowers unlike traditional resistance wire heated blankets available in the marketplace.

Temperature Monitoring

Some heated blankets are equipped with temperature monitoring and control systems. This allows you to adjust and maintain the temperature of the material precisely, ensuring that it remains within the manufacturer’s recommended range. The HeatGrid system is self-limiting and does not count on thermostatic controls that are known to fail due to cycle life limitations.

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