Heated Sample Lines

Heated Sample Lines

Neptech Inc. manufactures our Flexotherm™ heated sample lines specifically for use in gaseous emissions sampling. Neptech Inc. can manufacture ANY and ALL of your custom requirements. Flexotherm™ Heated Sample Lines are used with analytical equipment to monitor emissions in a variety of applications from engine testing for development or certifications in combustion engines, industrial smokestack sampling/monitoring or other gaseous or chemical vapor analysis. Our products meet or exceed all EPA and EU guidelines for gaseous/chemical vapor sampling. We provide precise and even heating on all our products ensuring a consistent heat from inlet to outlet of the sample line. Profiling the Heated Sample Line is available upon request for your records.

The accuracy and repeatability of your sampling depends directly on the “Collection, Transport and Conditioning (CTC)” of your gaseous/chemical vapor sample. Here at Flexotherm™, we understand the best engineered solution for your CTC requirements. With support from Neptech Inc., you can easily find the ideal Heated Sample Line for your analytical needs!

  • Two-Year Limited Warranty
  • Endures Life in Test Cells
  • High-Grade Heating Elements
  • Stainless Steel Braiding
  • Wide Variety of Sample Cores Available
  • Wide Variety of Outer Sleeving to meet your environment requirements
  • Zero Cold-Spot Construction
  • Innovative Re-Tube Design available
  • GT Series – 200º C
  • GD Series – 125º C
  • GS Series – Customer Specific

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